Damon O'Hare

Techno human


“Endicott got nothing on me.”
- Damon O’Hare

Damon O´Hare was a techno who considered all non-living things living. Because of this there was nothing he couldn’t repair. Albeit he was a skilled mechanic, he couldn’t fight and therefore tried to stay out of conflicts.
A human from Rattatak, he is no stranger to despair.

Damon O’Hare

Biographical information
Homeworld Rattatak
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Skin color Light
Hair color Dark brown
Political information
Affiliation(s) Freelancer

Damon O´Hare was the firstborn of Keyla and Ellidar O´Hare and grew up on the planet Rattatak.

His mother stayed at home and took care of Damon, teaching him to be an independent man. Something that was not ordinary in that place. His father worked at a small space station in Rattataki village as a technican.

Eager to follow in his father’s footsteps, Damon followed his father to work from the age of seven, gathering knowledge about starships, droids and everything he could lay his hand on. When Damon was 17, his father was accused of thievery and sent to the gladiator pits. He did not win. Fearing that her son would follow the same fate, Keyla fled with her son to Bespin.

Upon arrival, his mother became very ill and died shortly after. Now an orphan, he began his own path. Seeing so much despair and orphaned children, he became somewhat of a teacher to the other children, teaching them all that he knew, while also learning more about starships.

Life on Bespin was everything but easy at first. During the crisis many lives were lost, but when the republic won, Damon seized the opportunity and jumped on a ship to continue his journey. He has been on many different planets in the galaxy, but he considered no planet his home.

At 39, he began journey that was to be the most dangerous one yet. But did he prevail?

Damon O'Hare

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